FacebookLikesShop: Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to complete the process?

It will take about 3-5 days to complete the process. The length of time needed will vary depending on the number of fans/likes demanded by the client. The more fan/likes, the more time we will need to complete the process.

How soon will the process start?

The process will start as soon as we receive confirmation of payment. No payment, no likes. It usually takes 12-24 hours for us to confirm your payment. If fan/likes do not start getting added to your page after the given time, please let us know so we could double check.

Do you also add Twitter followers?

Unfortunately, our services do not cover adding Twitter followers. We are only focused on Facebook at the moment, but we are planning to expand to Twitter very soon. The team is just figuring out effective ways of adding Twitter followers. For the mean time, please do try our other services.

What applications do you use to add fans to pages?

We DO NOT use “Black Hat” Applications to add fans/likes to Facebook Page. Using such applications would violate Facebook’s Terms of Service and could get your page banned. Our team uses their expert skills to scout for people who would be interested on your page. We dedicate ourselves on adding fans/likes to your page without violating any rules.



What are the requirements?

First, we need to get your Facebook page URL. We do not create Facebook pages for clients. Clients must create pages daily cialis pill themselves VigRX. Next, we need the payment for the service. Upon confirmation of the payment, the process will start.

We DO NOT ASK FOR PASSWORDS. To safeguard our clients, we do not ask for their passwords. Services that ask for your password should be avoided.

Will Facebook ban my page if I use your service?

Facebook will not ban your page as long as your page follows the Terms of Service given by Facebook. Your page will not be banned if you use our service because we do not use “black hat” applications to add fans/likes to your page.

What types of pages do your services cover?

Our service covers all types of pages that are approved by Facebook.

Pages that we do not cover include:

1. Pornographic pages

2. Gambling Pages

3. Violence and Hate Pages

4. Plagiarized Pages

These types of pages violate the Terms of Service of Facebook. Avoid creating these types of pages. FacebookLikesShop will not accept any job orders from clients with these pages.


Do I get a refund if I do not get the number of fans I need?

Yes. You have a money-back guarantee if we do not reach the number of fan/likes on the number of days specified. However, we will not return the whole amount. We only refund the amount according to the fans/likes we lacked.

Do you have testimonials?

Yes. We have testimonials from our satisfied customers. You can see them on our testimonials page. Feel free to read what our other valued customers have to say about our service.